Artstation Podcast Ep.19: getting started i Games with Kim Aava

A podcast for Artstation, discussing career development, internships, being part of the art community and learning. 

All Things Interesting Podcast #26: Kim Aava - Experience as a 3D Artist in the Game Industry!

A podcats exploaring different subjects, I was invited to talk about my journey and the games industry.

Game Dev Discussion, Insert Topic 3:

Women in Games

Invited to be part of a Podcast panel, dicussing the importance of diversity and inclussion in games.

Game Dev Discussion Episode 33: Kim Aava

Invited to have a chat with Alex Beddow, talking about women in games, mental health in the industry and portfolio trends. 


Stockholm VR Meetup #14 2018

Behind the scenes of Apex Construct, showing the process of creating the world and style of the game.

Alumni Days 2017

Lecture aimed towards student, portfolio cretaions and tips regarding job hunting. Lecture were held together with coworker Karin Bruér