Kim Aava
Apex Construct

I was working on the VR game, Apex Construct during 2017-2018.

Released for PS4 VR, Oculus Rift and Vive.

During my time, working on Apex Construct, I had the opportunity to be a generalist, creating a wide variety of things for the game. My daily tasks and resonsibilities included but were not limitied to:

• Create 3D concepts for environment assets, characters and props.

• Design and make modular envionrment asset, modelling, texturing

• Design and model, texture characters/enemies and weapons

• Level dressing and (to some extent) lighting

• Assisting in creating marketing materials

Below are a selection from some of the models I made for Apex Construct

A selection of envionments assets and props I made for the game, combined into a small diorama. It was fun to recreate parts of Stockholm in a stylized fashion. Highpoly/Sculpts, meshes and textures made by me.

Highpoly sculpt of cliff and rock parts

During the development of Apex Construct I had the chance to design, model and texture the end boss for the game. All robots in the game have been design to represent animals with emphasis on animals that can be found in Sweden since the game's main setting is based upon Stockholm.

3D concept for the bear head

During the development of Apex Construct I had the chance to design, model and texture the hero weapon used throughout the game. The bow was designed to be a chunky mechanical bow to fit the setting of robots and the fact that the players has a robotic hand. I also had the opportunity to design, model and texture the organic players hand.

Robotic hand and arrow is made by my colleague Joacim Lunden, at Fast Travel Games.

These machines are part of the end game in which the player is suppose to destroy. Making animated objects for VR in a stylized style was quite challenging, but also very fun to see and interact with once done right.

VFX made by Andreas Glad