Kim Aava
Infinite Dimension Games - 3D print

Infinite Dimension Games are specialised in creating miniature 3D prints for home printing.

I have been freelancing for them since 2022 with making various buildings and props for 3D printing.

The freelance projects I have taken on are done after my day-to-day job, mostly spending evenings and/or weekends sculpting and prepping the projects I have been assigned for printing.

First Project I did for Infinite Dimension Games, The Last Hearth Inn tavern consists of a bottom floor with the kitchen area, a second floor for attic and a roof pieces. There's also two furnitures, a shelf with some food and packages and a scullery station for washing dishes - that the player's can place as they please.
Making assets to be 3d printed is a bit different from making game ready assets and I learned a lot of new things since I started working with them. I also had a lot of fun sculpting in Zbrush as well as trying to think about ways players would be using the settings in their plays.

Below are some renders from the Last Hearth Inn

Below are some screenshots of the 3d print

Second prject I took on a Butcher and Furrier shop. This one was quite fun, and different, making a butcher shop with carcasses and a fur shop with massive piles of pelts.

Normally I'm provided with some skecthes as well as some dimensions, but otherwise I'm free to shape and form the buidlings in anyway that fits the theme. 

The latest project is a massive three stories high house -  The Widows Manor. This was the largest project so far. The also rendered a colored version to demonstrate how it could be painted.

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