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SOFTWARE OVERVIEW Wasteland Warriors is a casual vehicle based party game for 2-4 players. Players can choose among several vehicles and battle against each other in hazardous environments with powerful power ups, scattered across the level. Keywords Vehicle based battle arena Local multiplayer 2-4 players PROJECT SETUP A group of 7 people (3 designers and 4 artists) 4 weeks development timeusing Unity Working weekly milestones and deliver results each week.
MY RESPONSIBLITIES Write weekly milestones and task lists for artists 3D modeling props and environment Texturing vehicles, props and environments GUI Placing art in level Material and shader set-ups ARTISTIC DIRECTION Our groups goal was to have strong and playful colors with high contrast. Our main inspiration came from Boderland’s comic style and messy props, that we combined with colorful and high saturated textures. Keywords Saturated and high contrast colors Comic style and handpainted textures Black outlines
4 weeks game project (45hrs/week) - 2014 Nominated in Sweden Game Awards for “Best Technical Execution”.
3D Vehicle models Karl Wrangbäck
Vehicle texturing
Props modeling & texturing