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I worked at Guerrilla Games as an Environment artist and as an Asset artist on their new ip Horizon: Zero dawn from October 2014 to August 2016. My jorney started as an environment art intern were my daily tasks included; assembling building structures from modular assets, populating the world with assets, creating speedmodels from concept art for outsourcing as well as exporting and importing for use in engine. After four month in the environment team I joined the Asset Art team were I stayed for the rest of the production. My daily tasks and responsibilities included: Create benchmark assets for outsourcing and provide feedback on each step in the asset art production pipeline to outsourcing artists(e.g. highpoly, topolpgy, uv, material definitions and textures) Polishing and redoing assets that were not up to standard from the outsourcing such as highpoly, topologies, uv and material and textures.   Create assets from concept art from start to finish (highpoly, low poly, uv, textures) as well as implement and test in engine. Create and polish assets for marketing purpose such as for the trailers. Review, create and test lods and collisions for assets in engine.